Acupuncture with Michelle was absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it. She was very informative and made me feel at ease. I will be definitely going back very soon.

Huda, Hounslow

Thank you for all your support and help during my illness. I was able to work again. I really appreciated how I was treated and attention I was given. Thanks again Michelle 😊

Kiran, Middlesex

I can highly recommend Michelle Aris of Ealing Acupuncture & Massage. She has been treating me for over three years and my conditions have always improved. She has a friendly but respectful manner and is really thorough in investigating my problems and tailoring the treatments.

I particularly appreciate that she gives me advice about how I can help myself and I have never felt under any pressure to agree to additional work although her prices are very reasonable. Basically you can expect her to be realistic about what she can offer, to explain her work to you and then you are free to decide how to proceed.

As well as acupuncture, she is an expert in Tui Na Massage which I find particularly effective and I recommend you try this, I have longstanding problems arising mainly from a major accident when I was young and I have tried a range of treatments over many years, most of which only achieved a temporary effect, if at all. Michelle has kept me largely pain free and some of my problems have not recurred.

Ian, London

Michelle treated me for back pain that affected my running performance. She took the time to listen to me and the relaxing atmosphere put me at ease. I’m not normally one for massages or acupuncture, but as I had a 10k race and my back was in pain, I tried Michelle out. I’m very happy to say that following my session with Michelle my back was pain-free and I could give the race my all. A very positive outcome and experience.

Emily Bird, Kent

I have a history of abdominal pain and have been treated by Michelle at Ealing Acupuncture & Massage for several weeks. The techniques used are a combination of acupuncture and massage. The experience is soothing and relaxing, and I have found Michelle to be pleasant, attentive and determined to establish the best solution to my problem. My condition has improved over the course of the treatment and I now feel confident in taking a planned holiday abroad.

John Maguire, Ealing, London

I have been treated by Michelle on several occasions for migraine and shoulder pain following an injury. She used a mixture of massage and acupuncture. I find that she really listens to what you need, she is persistent and really wants to get to the core of your issue(s). She also gives good practical advice about general well being and has good knowledge of how the body works. Her natural manner is also very soothing! I have always felt better after her sessions. I would recommend her highly.

Sarah Wilkin, Finsbury Park, London

I have always had heavy and painful periods throughout my life. I considered trying acupuncture after having a conversation with a friend who had used it to regulate her periods. I booked myself a session with Michelle who discussed my symptoms with me and what I wanted to achieve by the treatment. She clearly explained how the treatment would work as  I was a little squeamish about the needles.

During the treatment I had several needles placed around my body so I looked a little like a pin cushion but Michelle was gentle and reassuring during the treatment and if I ever felt any discomfort she would respond quickly to relieve it. After a few treatments I became used to the needles and even liked when the needles were heated to provide relief to the pain I had in my pelvis. I would book appointments in between my periods to try and relieve the pain and heaviness for the next period.

I found the treatment helped with the period pain I got every month  as well as helped with the blood flow and heaviness. Michelle was friendly and reassuring as well as flexible around my busy work schedule and I would recommend people with the same symptoms as me to try acupuncture with Michelle.


I suffer from arthritis and for a long time I was in a lot of pain. Then I met Michelle and she helped me with massage and acupuncture. With the combination of both acupuncture and massage my life is so much better. I am a jazz singer and now I can sing for a lot longer and my pain is more under control.

Myrna Robinson, Southwalk, London

I’ve only had a few sessions with Michelle but she is professional, attentive and talks through any concerns or questions you may have, creating relaxing/soothing atmosphere. I could not recommend her enough!

Caroline Hansen, Brentford, London

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